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About CITIZENS for Hockinson Schools

Citizens for Hockinson Schools

Citizens for Hockinson Schools is a 100% volunteer, 501(c)4 organization dedicated to the success of students in the Hockinson School District. Our last large achievement was educating our community about the importance of passing the 4 year Levy initiative in February 2022. The levy was necessary to fund many needs of the school district including Special Education programs, extracurricular activities and athletics, staff training and development, teachers and support positions, and student transportation.

It has been shown that when students participate in school activities - which are largely funded by local levies - academic achievement increases. Participating in extracurricular activities teaches many skills, including self-discipline, cooperation, perseverance and time management. This is why Hockinson School District is dedicated to maintaining the availability of these opportunities to students. 


Many school levy campaigns fail due to lack of funding. As a key community member, your generosity and support can help to move the message that our students need our support. Thriving Hockinson Schools are dependent on strong local supporters who understand that our schools are the Heart of our Community. 

Updated 1/15/2024

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